About Us....

We are a local family that was born and raised right here in the Silver Valley area of North Carolina. We have always been enthusiastic about riding bikes and even more passionate about spending time with family. It has been our dream for several years now to bring a family-friendly Motocross Park to Davidson County. Although still in its infancy we hope that Silver Valley MX Park can be a place that brings families together and place where beginners could learn to ride but still be a place for the more experienced rider to work on the riding skills. The track located on over 50 acres of rolling hills and beautiful pines. It is almost 2 miles long and has high-flying jumps, long rollers, up hills and downhill, along with many other features. So come on out and enjoy a fun time with family and friends as you experience the thrills of motocross!

We would first like to thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I would like to thank him for giving me the means and abilities to build the Silver Valley MX Park. It is our goal to keep Him first in all that we do.

I also would like to thank some special people that has helped us accomplish our dream. First, I would like to thank Kevin & Ira Matney from Rut Manufacturing. Also, I would like to thank Coy Beard of Valley Farms and Daniel Kennedy. Mitchell Key for being an encouragement and for your insight. For the hard work of Ricky Martin's grading and all of his crew. Also, I would like to thank Roy Isenhart of Shining Light Designs. Lastly, I would especially like to thank all of my family and friends that have tirelessly helped and supported us during this arduous task of fulfilling our vision of having a family-friendly MX Park that people can come in enjoy with their families for years to come.